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Why Choose Us ?

Our students are told to study smarter than to work too hard for success. As we know many youngsters still dont know how to study effectively!. A revolutionary new model with the do-it-yourself spirit of Sialkot City.

UoG, Sialkot Campus gives students access to state of the art computer labs and a library with access to a wide berth of electronic and print media to help the students in their everyday academic needs.

The students’ first interaction is with their Program Manager. He/She provides support for career development, and links students to the greater campus community.

We beleive in Balance.With balance in between students work and play, students are groomed well,learn leadership,purpose and work with great energy.

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Vice Chancellor

It is great pleasure to extend my commitment with the University of Gujrat.I welcome the new students.


The core purpose of a university is learning and at its best, our campus is a community of learners.

Cheif Executive

It gives me a great pleasure to promote and establish the said campus with various academic disciplines.

Vice Chancellors' Message

It is great pleasure to extend my commitment with the University of Gujrat. The University believes to develop a multi-dimensional approach encompassing to give direction to society and channelize the energies to the youth for productive and creative purposes. This has to be accomplished through education. Our perseverance and endeavors are guided by our vision to revolutionize the lives of our students, through exemplary education, training and practice. The mission is to inculcate awareness and perfection, skills and competence and the ability to serve the nation. I welcome the new students and urge them to explore their talent and abilities. My colleagues and I are here to guide you through this journey of life. We truly value your trust in the University of Gujrat, your presence and your contribution in making this University ever greater. If you want progress in your life, you must be willing to sacrifice time and energies for your studies. Future prospects for your are unknown, but we are able to make those prospects magnicent through our sincere and meticulous efforts. You are the future of the nation and the hope of the country. you have the potential with your honest and candid struggle to change the fate of Pakistan striving for the development of its industrial and economic infrastructure. Pakistan needs leadership in multiple spheres of life and your have the energy to be the leaders.

Chairmans' Message

The establishment of the University of Gujrat, Sialkot Sub Campus has introduced a new era in the domain of higher education in the fertile region of Sialkot. Though this sub campus is relatively young but we are condent that with commitment and sincere efforts we shall be able to achieve excellence in research and education. We will continue to adapt, evolve and respond to the challenges in research and academia in the global context. The core purpose of a university is learning and at its best, our campus is a community of learners. To learn is to be changed and the deeper and more profound the learning is, the more significant is the change. Students in UOG Sialkot Sub Campus get every opportunity to enhance their knowledge, as well as to acquire intellectual skills and habits which transform them into productive citizens. In this process teachers certainly are facilitators. However, they are also learners in their own capacity as they engage in purposeful teaching and in scholarly and creative work. We have a commitment of providing quality education at affordable fee structure and we believe UOG Sialkot Sub Campus will prove to be instrumental in bringing about a remarkable social, cultural and education uplift in the whole region.

Cheif Executives' Message

It gives me a great pleasure to promote and establish the said campus with various academic disciplines for the welfare of the community of Sialkot and its suburbs. With my twelve years challenging experience of corporate world domestically as well as internationally, I have tried my level best to bring in the distinguished faculty from the country to deliver their optimum output to grace this young campus with a blend of young and experienced faculty. Not only that, I am focusing my attention to develop the infrastructure of the campus in the eld of setting up various laboratories and library to enable the student of this campus to get the maximum benet from this young campus to provide an educated, skilled manpower to this region which has been neglected by one reason or the other. I hope, our efforts will bring fruit in the better interest of the community of this region with my noble cause because I believe, knowledge is power. Our focus on academic excellence and graduate employability has given us a strong professional orientation and our vision has been our strength all through the way to a leading position in the educational fraternity in the near future.


Fall 2017

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Faculty of Computing And IT

Faculty Of Business And Managment Sciences

School Of Social Sciences

Faculty Of Sciences


Computing & IT

The Faculty of Computing and Information Technology aims to provide state-of-the art computing facilities to the students that not only facilitate academic excellence but also encourages out-of-the box thinking. The focus is on establishing strong linkages with the industry as believe that a durable nexus between industry and academia is essential for long-term growth of any organization.


FMAS is committed to maximizing the intellectual, social and economic potential of all the individuals and communities it serves through outstanding teaching, research and enterprise activity conformed by fundamental principles of responsible management. FMAS prepare students through innovative learning environment embedded with practical experience dynamic learning.

Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences at UOG aims at enabling the students to think logically and improve their ability to use different economic concepts. The objective is to prepare the students at the bachelor’s and masters’s levels to pursue careers within the areas of human services. Efforts will also be made that will prepare UOG Sialkot Sub Campus for the immediate need of the market.


Science is an absorbing, informative and innovative subject, the more you discover lesser you recognize the hide, it is deep with infinite knowledge. The Faculty of Science at the University of Gujrat Sialkot Sub Campus is an evolving one, and more disciplines shall be added as we go along. Our emphasis is establishing a competitive environment in the highly globalized world.


The mission of UOG Sialkot sub campus is based on the provision of Higher Education specially to the students of Sialkot and its adjacent areas, in accordance with International standards and under affordable fee structure. UOG Sialkot Sub-Campus enables students to develop knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the performance of their organization and provide leadership and service to their community.


Faculty Of Computing and IT


BS Software Engineering
BS Computer Science
BS Information Technology


MSc Information Technology
MSc Computer Science

School Of Business and Management Sciences

Faculty Of Social Sciences

Faculty of Sciences




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